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Healthy Eating at Santa María del Mar

How important is it to lead a healthy life? Does our diet include all the nutrients our body needs? How much sugar do we ingest and what are the physical consequences of its abuse? These are just some of the questions that have been asked and answered by our 2nd year Primary students during [...]

Healthy Eating at Santa María del Mar2020-02-13T15:50:11+01:00

Beda English exams

In the first week of February the Beda English exams for the children in second, fourth and sixth of primary will take place. The exams are a great opportunity for the students to gain confidence and practice their skills in an official examination environment as they test their abilities in speaking and listening. Beda works [...]

Beda English exams2020-01-27T10:48:58+01:00

American Penpals

In the past few weeks we have been preparing responses to the penpal letters from our friends in Canton, Connecticut. The students were each assigned a penpal and have all written letters. The letters are currently in the post and on their way to the USA! Also, the students in 6th grade recorded [...]

American Penpals2019-12-20T13:43:27+01:00